The terms and conditions mentioned herein shall form an integral part of the accompanying “Customer Application Form” (hereinafter “CAF”). By the act of filling up and signing the CAF, the customer shall be deemed to have read, understood and unconditionally accepted the Terms & Conditions contained herein and further agreed to be unconditionally bound by these Terms and Conditions. The instructions with regard to use of the services offered by CCPL vide this CAF shall also form part of the terms of conditions and the Customer shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted them unconditionally.

  • The customer/subscriber will be using the products in terms of these terms and conditions for self-usage only and shall not transfer the same to any third party without prior written consent and due authorization in writing from CCPL. Any request for transfer of product/service to any third party shall generally not be entertained as the subscription of product/service are for bonafide personal use only. Any transfer of products/services to any third party by the customer/subscriber other than that with prior written consent and due authorization in writing from CCPL shall be deemed illegal.
  • Customer desirous of availing services from CCPL shall be required to fill the CAF form and submit documents as prescribed. CCPL reserves the right to cancel/reject any application of a customer/subscriber in the event of such a customer/subscriber provides incomplete/incorrect/fabricated information / document in respect of CAF Form or fails to adhere to the terms & conditions contained herein.
  • CCPL reserves the right to seek/verify information from the customer/subscriber, customer's/subscriber's local reference, its associates, neighbors or any third party at the sole discretion of CCPL.
  • Customer cannot use the services for telemarketing or any promotional activities.
  • The information provided by the customer/subscriber or information in respect of the customer/subscriber gathered by CCPL, shall be the property of CCPL. CCPL may be required to disclose the information pertaining to a customer/subscriber to the Government/Regulatory Authority/security agency. CCPL reserves the right to disclose the same at its discretion without prior intimation to the customer/subscriber.
  • The Services offered shall not be used by the Subscriber to make foul, profane expression or impersonate another person with fraudulent or malicious intent or abuse, threaten or harass any third party.
  • The Subscriber shall intimate in writing any change of name, address, title or constitution to CCPL within seven days of such change being made along with a copy of the document as a proof of the same. In the event of such a change not being intimated to CCPL within the timeframe as stated above, CCPL shall have the right to proceed against the subscriber by disconnecting the service and recovering its dues.
  • Any acceptance by CCPL of payment from a person/third party on behalf of the customer/subscriber shall not amount to CCPL having transferred or modified any the rights and / or obligations of the customer/subscriber to such person / the third party.
  • The customer/subscriber hereby expressly agrees that CCPL has the right to change the terms and conditions contained herein, whether or not such change is necessitated by reasons of Government/Authority direction.
  • Any increase/addition / introduction in taxes and/or levy of any taxes, duties or any statutory charge, etc. (present/future) shall be charged on the customer/subscriber or deducted from a subscriber's account.
  • Various Telecom and Data Solutions offered by CCPL are operator network dependent. CCPL is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the customer due to the nonfunctioning of Various Telecom and Data Solutions provided by CCPL at any point of time. In case of joint customers, their liabilities under this agreement shall be joint and several.
  • The Customer should inform CCPL in writing about any errors/omissions in the online statement on raised by CCPL within 07 days from the date of posting of the statement. CCPL reserves the right not to entertain any complaints after this period. In case of any dispute, the customer should raise the dispute in the prescribed form and submit to
  • The customer/subscriber shall make payment for the purchase of services from CCPL through various modes like cash, cheque, online net-banking, demand draft or credit/debit card. Upon subscription of service by the subscriber, an amount (equivalent to the amount of service procured by the subscriber) shall be blocked from the credit/debit card of the customer. Bill shall be raised by CCPL to the subscriber for availing and subscribing the service. In the event, subscriber fails to pay the said amount within the periodspecified in the bill, CCPL shall be within its rights to en-cash the amount blocked from the credit/debit card of the subscriber.
  • The subscriber shall pay all outstanding amount/charges raised in the bill without any deductions/withholdings/set-off and in respect of all calls made, service availed, whether or not authorized by the subscriber and whether or not they exceeded any credit limits.
  • CCPL shall not be liable for any third party liabilities/injuries caused by any defect in its products.
  • In no event, whether through breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence or otherwise, CCPL shall be liable for special, consequential, incidental damages, including but not limited to loss of profit or revenue, cost of capital, cost of substitute product, facilities or service, downtime cost, any change or modification of such computer system, software, program, process or electronic system in relation to any such data change or claim of such subscriber for such damage.
  • A Written notice will be considered effectively given to the subscriber when sent by Registered Mail/UPC/courier Services at his last known address. Written notice to CCPL will be considered effectively given to CCPL when received by CCPL as per CCPL records.
  • CCPL may amend any part of this agreement at any time, by giving written notice to the customer.
  • CCPL may amend any part of this agreement at any time, by giving written notice to the customer.
  • This agreement binds the customer and wherever and whichever applicable, his heirs, executors, administrators, successors and (permitted) assigns and benefits CCPL and its successors and assigns.
  • CCPL has the right to terminate the service at any time with or without cause as per TRAI Guidelines.
  • If any part of this agreement is held invalid, the remaining provisions will remain unaffected and enforceable, except to the extent, CCPL rights or obligations under the agreement are materially impaired.
  • The words He or Him shall refer to She or Her or in the singular or plural as the context may require.
  • This represents the entire agreement between CCPL and customer and all copies, facsimiles and reproductions of this agreement in CCPL possession shall be considered the same as original and shall be fully enforceable by CCPL. The information provided overleaf shall be treated as part and parcel of this agreement.
  • This agreement shall be subject to Delhi High Court.
  • CCPL, at its sole discretion, without any liability whatsoever, may refuse, limit, suspend, vary or disconnect the service made available to the subscriber, in whole or in part, at any time, for any reason determined by CCPL, including but not limited to:
  • Governments, Court's order, TRAI Rules, Regulations, orders, directions, notifications, etc., including changes thereto prohibiting and/or suspending the rendering of such services.
  • Transmission limitations caused by topographical, atmospheric, hydrological and/or mechanical conditions.
  • During technical failure, modifications, up-gradation, variation, relocation, repair and or maintenance of network/equipment’s.
  • To combat potential fraud, fraud, wilful destruction.
  • If the service is used in any manner, which violates any law or Government order/directions etc., or adversely affects or intervenes in any manner, the rendering of service by CCPL;
  • Any discrepancy/incorrect particulars/details provided by the subscriber in the CAF;
  • Breach of any term or condition of this agreement by the subscriber;
  • Due to problems arising on account of interconnection between CCPL and other telecom service providers;
  • Any other reason which is found to be reasonable by CCPL warranting suspension/disconnection;
  • Force majeure circumstances;



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