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Why CloudConnect

Enhance engagement through personalized interactions across channels, streamline processes, adapt to preferences, and enjoy efficient, personalized communication for meaningful connections.

Make the Smart Investment in CloudConnect and unlock the potential for exceptional client satisfaction.

Art Housing Finance Ltd

CloudConnect's integrated omni-channel cloud solutions streamline operations, boost efficiency, and elevate customer service. The platform's seamless integration across channels ensures a cohesive communication experience, contributing to heightened productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Every department now enjoys single-number reachability with IVR, seamlessly connecting all units.
  • Internal call transfer and conferencing within departments empower users and agents to efficiently conclude consumer calls.
  • Increased call-handling capacity results in enhanced KPIs, allowing for the effective management of a higher volume of calls per day.
  • Whisper and Barging functionalities enable key monitoring of agent calls, contributing to improved call quality.
  • Comprehensive Call Detail Records (CDR) for both incoming and outgoing calls are now available, with agents utilizing the corporate number for outbound calls.
  • The integration of WhatsApp introduces a more personalized communication approach, enriching the customer interaction experience

Management Services

A stable and dependable solution was efficiently implemented to cater to Management Services' teleworking requirements, ensuring streamlined operations, excellent voice quality, and recording capabilities without compromising performance.

  • The Cloud PBX solution empowered Management Services to integrate all telephony functions into their CRM using web and mobile phones via APIs.
  • Customers consistently connected with their preferred agents using the sticky agent feature, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • End-to-end call recording, initiated at the beginning of each call, was implemented for Management Services, ensuring the security and compliance of every call with regulatory requirements in the banking sector.
  • Real-time monitoring of all outbound calls is now feasible.

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