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Apollo Pharmacy Transforms Work Dynamics with CCPL's Corporate Telecom Solution, Unleashing Remote Productivity


Company profile

For over 32 years, Apollo Pharmacy has been providing genuine medicines round-the-clock, through 24-hour pharmacies. And now through Apollo Pharmacy, we intend to make lives easier – by getting your medicines delivered to you. In the pandemic time with lockdowns and restricted movement, Apollo Pharmacy made sure you did not need to step outside for your medicines and no worries about the genuineness of the medicines

The Challenge

Apollo Pharmacy's distribution segment grew 35% for the first quarter ending June 2021 with a revenue of 1512 crores. To handle the needs of seamless transactions with thousands of customers simultaneously, the backbone structure has to be robust.

Apollo Pharmacy has its north India IT support centre in Delhi.
This centre handles all the multiple urgent IT-related queries across all the centres located in northern India.

IT related queries were arising for emails or from the team member’s personal phones and mobiles. When employees tend to use their own personal systems, it often results in lowered productivity as the time to respond to queries is higher. Also there is a loss of tracking the communication, so more time is spent in collating all relevant information together before resolving the issue. Using unsecure networks may result in leakage of confidential information

The client had internally generated a list of issues that needed to be addressed so that there would be a marked productivity increase.

The Solution

CloudConnect’s PBX solution allowed Apollo Pharmacy North India team to overcome all challenges related to the telephony aspect using IP phones and mobile applications.

  • All their centres now having single Number reachability with IVR to connect all different departments.
  • Features like Internal Call Transfer/Conference within Department helps users and agents to successfully wrap up a consumer call in less time
  • Ability to handle more calls in a day effectively increasing their KPIs.
  • Key Monitoring of agents call is possible using Whisper or Barging which eventually help to improve the call quality.
  • Detailed CDR is available both for incoming and outgoing calls as now agents are using the corporate number for outbound calls as well.
  • Our platform is Unified Communication where WhatsApp can integrate, so it’s easy to manage by the agents. And hence this is a customised omnichannel IVR system


CloudConnect is actively developing new and unique products in the areas of Tele-medicine and Click2Call videos in mobile apps to make sure no one gets left behind or suffers due to lack of healthcare facilities

With CCPL solution, Apollo pharmacy now has a corporate telecom identity; allows remote working & home-working with increased efficiency and effectiveness.


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