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Auto Dialers enhance agent efficiency by automatically dialing numbers. Progressive Dialers minimise wait time, while Predictive Dialers dial based on available agents for optimised outbound call center operations. Preview Dialers provide agents with detailed customer information before making a call, enabling them to personalise their approach. Voice Broadcasting Dialers are used for mass communication, allowing businesses to deliver pre-recorded messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously.

Types of Autodialers we offer

Predictive Outbound Autodialer
Predictive Outbound Autodialer
A predictive dialer automates calls, dialing numbers preemptively before agents are free. This strategy maximises efficiency by swiftly moving to the next lead after unanswered calls, ensuring increased talk time and heightened productivity for call centers.

Progressive Autodialer
Progressive Autodialer
A progressive dialer is an automated system that sequentially dials contacts, avoiding answering machines and busy signals to connect agents with customers. It operates only when an agent is available, dialing one number per agent for increased efficiency.

Preview Autodialers
Preview Autodialers
A preview dialer automatically selects a contact based on campaign settings. It presents details to agents who can review contact history and contextual information before deciding to proceed with the call or move to the next number.

Automatic Autodialer
Automatic Autodialer
In this, you upload a list of numbers to the database, and then the system automatically dials the numbers one by one without any manual effort. After agents finish a call, it is automatically disposed of, and the next call is dialed without any manual intervention

Manual Autodialer
Manual Autodialer
In this, you upload a list of numbers to the database, and an agent manually dials each number one by one to communicate with customers.

What benefits do you get by implementing our Autodialer Software in your business?

Maximised agent efficiency and productivity

Streamlines and automates tasks, allowing agents to focus on high-value activities and increasing their productivity.

Rapid sales response time

Sales inquiries are addressed promptly, ensuring quick and efficient customer service.

24x7 Customer Support

Available round the clock to provide assistance and support to customers whenever they need it.

Makes the sales flow smoother

Optimises the sales process, removing bottlenecks and reducing friction, resulting in a seamless and efficient flow from lead generation to closing deals

Integrates easily with your system

Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency.

Fully compliant with the federal regulations

Adheres to all federal regulations, ensuring that your business operations are in full compliance and minimising the risk of penalties or legal issues.

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