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Builds customer trust by displaying brand details, Truecaller verified number reduces fraud risk and enhances customer service with clear caller identification, logos, and industry tags. These features also create a sense of legitimacy for the brand, making customers feel more comfortable and secure when interacting with the company. Additionally, by providing clear caller identification, logos, and industry tags, customers can easily recognize and differentiate the brand from potential scammers or fraudulent activities. This ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as a higher level of trust in the brand's overall reputation.

Truecaller Business ID feature that boosts your business operations

Truecaller verified badge
Truecaller verified badge
Display a symbol of authenticity with the Verified Green Badge, ensuring customers recognise and trust your business identity instantly.

 Brand Name
Brand Name
Showcase your brand prominently during calls, reinforcing brand recognition and establishing a professional and consistent image.

 Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID
Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID
Assures customers of your business's legitimacy, and strengthens trust, and credibility with each call.

Verified Tick
Verified Tick
Foster confidence by featuring a Verified Tick, indicating that your business is recognised and verified by Truecaller for secure and authentic communication.

Company Logo
Company Logo
Enhance brand visibility and recall by having your company logo displayed, creating a visual association that strengthens your brand presence.

Category Tag
Category Tag
Categorise your business with a distinctive tag, helping customers quickly identify the nature of your call and adding relevance to each interaction.

 Call Reason
Call Reason
Provide transparency and context by including a call reason, enabling customers to understand the purpose of the call immediately, and enhancing communication efficiency.

Business Advantages

Brand Awareness & Identifications

Enhance your brand visibility on every call, making your business easily recognisable to customers.

Add Identity to Every Call

Ensures that each call carries a recognisable identity, enhancing professionalism and leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.

Trusted & Efficient Communications

Build trust with a Verified Business Caller ID for secure and efficient communication.

Improved Pick up and Conversions

Boost response rates and conversions by creating a trustworthy and recognisable calling experience.

Rich Analytics to Gauge Objectives

Use insightful analytics to measure communication goals and enhance your strategy effectively.

Use cases

Fraud Prevention

Business can protect their customers from being deceived by impersonators who use their corporate identity in order to deceive customers.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Companies can use Truecaller Verified Business ID to maintain their brand's visibility to their customers. This will help create familiarity and recall of the company's name.

Improved call answer rate/call-pickup ratio

People tend to be cautious when it comes to answering calls from an unfamiliar source. Having a Verified Business ID can help to reassure customers that the call is legitimate, and therefore more likely to be answered. This can result in improved customer communication and engagement.

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