Cloud-Based Communication for Seamless Supply Chain Collaboration and Sustainability

Manufacturers are increasingly adopting cloud-based communication platforms to facilitate real-time interactions and foster collaborative ecosystems that span the entire supply chain, including suppliers, production teams, back-office, front-office, and distribution channels. Our approach not only boosts supply chain visibility and operational efficiency but also seamlessly aligns with sustainability objectives

Why CloudConnect

Explore the transformative realm of cloud telephony services, revolutionizing manufacturing for enhanced business efficiency and advancement.

KEI Cables

CloudConnect successfully addressed KEI's global mobility challenges ensuring accurate and consistent reporting, streamlining call management, safeguarding privacy, and eliminating frustrations such as long wait times, misdirection, and dropped calls. This comprehensive approach not only enhanced the customer experience but also contributed to retaining clients and fostering a positive global mobility environment.

  • Achieved unified reachability for seamless department and user connectivity.
  • Implemented corporate numbers instead of individual mobile numbers.
  • Enabled instant calling capabilities for corporate DID (Direct Inward Dialing).
  • Established global mobility with a corporate telecom identity.
  • Streamlined call flow management for maximum efficiency.
  • Implemented agent monitoring to enhance call quality.

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