India's first DOT-licensed virtual network operator that lets you manage your business communications without the need for hardware.

For businesses aiming for success, Cloud PBX represents a new way of communication. It gives companies the confidence to grow, break free from limitations, and confidently enter new markets in a changing business landscape.

Our Class 5 features

Call Recording
Call Recording
Allows users to effortlessly capture and store inbound and outbound calls for training purposes, compliance adherence, and quality assurance. By reviewing recorded conversations, businesses can ensure that customer interactions meet high standards, resolve disputes, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Call Routing
Call Routing
This feature enables businesses to create customised call paths based on various criteria such as caller input, time of day, or departmental availability. With effective call routing, calls are efficiently distributed, ensuring prompt responses and an optimised customer experience. Whether directing calls to specific extensions or departments, Cloud PBX adapts to your organisational structure, enhancing communication flow.

Music on Hold
Music on Hold
Businesses can use this feature to reinforce their brand identity, share brand promotions, provide helpful information, etc. Music on Hold is a valuable opportunity to engage with your callers and make their waiting time informative and enjoyable.

Call Conferencing
Call Conferencing
This feature brings teams together in virtual meeting rooms, transcending geographical barriers. Businesses can host multi-party conference calls with ease, fostering real-time collaboration. Participants can share screens, exchange ideas, and make decisions in a secure and seamless environment. This feature is especially beneficial for remote teams, enabling them to connect effortlessly and ensuring that important discussions can happen regardless of physical location.

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding
Keeps your team accessible even when they are on the move. Users can configure call-forwarding rules to redirect calls to different numbers or devices based on predefined conditions. This ensures that critical calls are never missed, enhancing overall responsiveness. Whether an employee is working remotely, traveling, or temporarily away from their desk, our Call Forwarding guarantees that they remain reachable and responsive to clients and colleagues.

Business advantages of our CPBX solution

Zero Infrastructure Cost

Eliminates the need for businesses to make significant upfront investments in on-premises hardware. This results in cost savings that can be redirected toward strategic initiatives, marketing efforts, or employee development. The absence of capital expenses ensures that businesses, especially startups and small enterprises, can allocate resources more efficiently, promoting financial flexibility and a healthier bottom line.


As companies expand, contract, or undergo seasonal variations, Cloud PBX allows for the quick and painless adjustment of communication resources. This adaptability ensures that businesses can meet increased demand without delays, providing a competitive edge in responding to market changes swiftly and efficiently.

Real-Time Monitoring

Managers can gain immediate insights into call performance, identify trends, and address issues promptly. This ability to make data-driven decisions in real-time contributes to improved customer service, optimised workflows, and a proactive approach to addressing challenges, ultimately fostering a more responsive and agile organisation.

Never Miss A Call

Cloud PBX's features like call forwarding and voicemail-to-email ensure that businesses remain accessible at all times. This reliability contributes to enhanced customer satisfaction, strengthens client relationships, and minimises the risk of losing business opportunities due to unattended calls.

Remote Connectivity

Facilitates seamless remote connectivity, allowing employees to maintain productivity from any location with internet access. This flexibility not only supports a modern and dispersed workforce but also enhances employee satisfaction, contributes to a healthier work-life balance, and positions the business as an employer of choice in a competitive job market.

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