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A VoIP technology softphone, a phone operated through software, enables users to initiate calls using an internet connection. It removes the necessity for dedicated physical equipment, as it can be conveniently installed on both desktops and mobile devices. In short, VoIP services empower users to make calls from their preferred locations, contributing significantly to cost savings in operations. Moreover, softphones offer a wide range of features and functionalities, such as business call recording, call forwarding, and voicemail, making them a versatile communication tool. They are compatible with various communication platforms, allowing users to integrate their cloud phone system with other business applications for seamless workflow and productivity.

Key specifications that make our VoIP calling services stand out from others

Call Management
Call Management
Efficiently handle incoming calls by queuing them with mute, hold, and warm transfer options, enhancing customer satisfaction during wait times in business customer service.

Dynamic Dashboard
Dynamic Dashboard
Gain real-time insights into customer interactions through an interactive dashboard. Businesses can leverage data-driven analytics for a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement.

Recording and Analytics
Recording and Analytics
Access call recordings for agents and supervisors to assess individual or team performance. Utilize custom filters to measure customer satisfaction and agent effectiveness, facilitating ongoing training for improved customer service.

Termination Control
Termination Control
Seamlessly terminate all inbound calls through the SR/UI panel from any device. Enjoy flexibility with calls occurring on the Internet or PSTN call lines.

Business Advantages of our VoIP technology Softphone Solution

Customer experience at its best

Improve your customer experiences with high-definition voice quality through business softphones. This ensures customer satisfaction, attracts more clients, and contributes to a successful referral program, ultimately expanding the customer base and boosting profitability.

Reliable and secure connection

Allows calls through both the internet and PSTN, offering flexibility to companies. Agents can securely connect to the business via VPN, preventing identity theft and data breaches.

Maximise your workforce productivity

Agents can effortlessly conduct business communication and terminate calls using softphones, maintaining control over the process. Inbound customer calls can be terminated on the SR/UI panel from desktops and laptops. The call recording feature allows companies to assess agent productivity by analyzing conversations, offering valuable insights for tailored training and performance improvement.

Strategic Insights

Understanding cloud-based contact center metrics is crucial for businesses, offering insights into conversation quality, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction. Softphone solutions in India provide these metrics, enabling informed decisions for enhancing customer service, selecting optimal training, and ensuring alignment with customer needs.

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