Unlocking Business Potential with our Multilevel Hosted IVR Call System

Facilitates customer interactions and increases operational effectiveness. Our Hosted interactive voice response services can respond to calls, provide automated responses, and connect customers to the relevant departments or services quickly and easily with call recording. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces the need for manual intervention, allowing your employees to focus on more complex tasks. Additionally, our Hosted IVR services offer advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, giving you valuable insights into customer behaviour and call patterns. With our reliable and scalable infrastructure, you can ensure seamless call handling even during peak times, providing a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Features that makes us stand out

Multi-level 9x9 flow
Multi-level 9x9 flow
Create intricate call flows with a 9x9 matrix, offering callers a versatile and customisable experience for callers at multiple levels.

100% Business Call Recording
100% Business Call Recording
Ensure comprehensive record-keeping with 100% call recording, allowing businesses to review and analyse interactions for quality assurance and compliance.

No Missed Calls
No Missed Calls
Maximise the number of opportunities captured by optimising how calls are handled and routed, guaranteeing that every call is promptly and effectively attended to.

Business time settings
Business time settings
Enhance the efficiency of your hosted IVR system by customising it to match your business hours. This will ensure a seamless experience for callers and improve overall operational effectiveness.

Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment
Efficiently deploy your advanced hosted IVR systems, ensuring minimal interruptions and enabling businesses to promptly experience the advantages of streamlined call handling.

Reports and Analytics
Reports and Analytics
Harness the power of detailed reports and analytics to gain insights into call performance, customer interactions, and operational efficiency. Use this valuable data to inform strategic decisions and optimize business strategies.

Benefits of using Hosted IVR Services

Enhanced Customer Experience

The IVR Call System offers a smooth and customised experience, delivering prompt and pertinent information, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce expenses by minimising the requirement of additional staff, streamlining call handling, and optimising resource utilisation with the adoption of Hosted IVR solution.

24/7 Accessibility

Offering 24/7 availability to customers guarantees that their inquiries and support needs are attended to around the clock, enhancing the dependability of customer service.


IVR software offers a seamless solution to easily adjust to dynamic business demands, providing the necessary flexibility to manage fluctuating call volumes and ensuring business growth.

Improved Call Routing

Improve efficiency with intelligent call routing in the IVR call system, which ensures calls are sent to the right agent quickly, reduces misdirected calls, and improves overall effectiveness.

Increased First-Call Resolutions

Increase customer satisfaction by resolving queries on the first contact with optimised processes in Interactive Voice Recognition system, minimising the need for follow-up calls and increasing efficiency.

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