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How CloudConnect helped Art Housing Finance Ltd in workplace mobility during pandemic


ART Housing Finance (India) Limited is a professionally managed housing finance company (HFC), registered with the National Housing Bank (NHB). The Company provides long-term housing loans to customers belonging to the Middle and Low-Income Groups in peripherals of urban India, semi-urban and rural India.

In the pandemic time with lockdowns and restricted movement, AHFL made sure that communication with the client did not stop and they continued their services with the same efficiency. Offerings of Art Housing Finance Ltd.

  • Offers a suite of innovative and flexible Home Loan products
  • Provides Loan Against Residential Property, Commercial property, and Plots

The Challenge

  • Team members were initially using toll-free number for receiving all incoming calls and resolving the customer queries. So they were not able to manage the heavy call flow.
  • They wanted to manage the incoming calls so that the response time is real-time.
  • They are looking for a cost-effective solution. Since, the incoming calls were chargeable on TFN, heavy flow of calls were costing high.
  • They were looking for a solution which should be hardware free as mobility is the need of the hour.

The Solution

Raising productivity with efficient Omni-channel IVR Solutions

To increase productivity by providing a quick resolution to IT related queries, CloudConnect recommended a professional and efficient Click2Call IVR solution and Cloud based contact centre solution.

This Omni channel solution would help the caller to connect with the correct person, reducing call handling time, thereby providing more working hours per day.

A consulting session between AHFL and CloudConnect technical teams lead to a clear understanding of the base line levels and how Art Housing team could benefit. The areas covered were losing money in inbound calls, enhanced time management and the benefits of an IVR based Click2Call and contact centre platform.

CloudConnect’s solution AHFL team to overcome all challenges related to the telephony aspect using dashboard platforms and mobile applications.

  • All their departments now having single Number reachability with IVR to connect all different departments.
  • Features like Internal Call Transfer/Conference within Department helps users and agents to successfully wrap up a consumer call in less time
  • Ability to handle more calls in a day effectively increasing their KPIs.
  • Key Monitoring of agent’s call is possible using Whisper or Barging which eventually help to improve the call quality.
  • Detailed CDR is available both for incoming and outgoing calls as now agents are using the corporate number for outbound calls as well.
  • Our platform is Unified Communication where WhatsApp can integrate, so it’s easy to manage by the agents. And hence this is a customised omni-channel IVR system.

With CCPL solution now AHFL team is not paying for the incoming calls, allows remote-working & home-working with increased efficiency and effectiveness.


CloudConnect is actively developing new and unique Products that can help in the growth of BFSI Sector.

With the customised CCPL solution, Art Housing Finance Ltd now has a corporate telecom identity; that allows working from anywhere, with increased efficiency and effectiveness

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