Unlock CoalShastra's Success with CloudConnect's All-in-One Communication Revolution


Founded in 2014, CoalShastra is the online marketplace for coal. The brandfocuses on democratizing the market for coal by providing live information of buying and selling prices of various domestic and imported coal.

Buyers can mention the type of coal, the origin of coal, calorific value, mode of transport, etc while requesting the quote. CoalShastra performs a basic check of all its registered users. This is a platform where buyers and sellers connect to carry out the trade.

The Challenge

As it is a young brand in a dynamic market, CoalShastra was in need of an agile solution to aid their rapidly growing team and customer base.

While the company had an existing CRM solution when they came to CloudConnect, they were looking for a centralized solution to integrate telephonic and monitoring services into a seamless system where in-coming and out-going calls, backend monitoring, and security of customer interactions.

The team was using two different platforms – one for calling, and the other for data management. This required CoalShastra to spend on the two separate platforms as well as spend precious resources on collecting and compiling data of the two platforms, thereby making it a three-step process.

This brought CoalShastra to explore the CloudConnect service of integrated communications solutions, which offer ease of scalability and are highly customizable to the nature of an organization.

The Solution

CloudConnect offered CoalShastra a unified system for calls, recording, management, and analytics – all integrated to a single software.

CloudConnect offered CoalShastra a solution that could be integrated into their existing CRM software and overcome their existing challenges.

In just 3 months after the integration of CloudConnect services, CoalShastra saw their resource’s response time reducing effectively.

As a platform built for growth and agility, the platform also seamlessly integrated the adding-on of resources when the CoalShastra team grew from 5 agents to 13 agents.


Auto Dialer and number masking were the two key services that helped CoalShastra gain efficiency in their working systems. The overall suite of services provided under Contact Center helped create an all-in-one, adaptive and flexible platform for seamless calling facility, reporting, and monitoring, with higher cost efficiency and lower time consumption.

  • Centralized Solution: Integrating calling, live monitoring, and reporting analytics to a single platform that saves a significant amount of time and is cost-efficient.
  • Streamlining Processes: Customer queries will be directed to the concerned department – be it sales, customer support, accounts, or any other, with the help of IVR at the start of the call. When an agent takes the call, the system will be display details of the caller such as, if they are a new caller, how many times they have connected with the call center previously, and any previously generated queries.
  • Scalability: As the brand team expands, they do not need to repeatedly reach out to CloudConnect to add members to their user platform. All rights are given to the client to expand and grow their teams, and add new members on the platform.


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