Felix Hospital Revolutionizes Patient Care with CloudConnect Solution for Enhanced Communication


Felix Hospital is a renowned healthcare institution, offering comprehensive in and out-patient services with a patient-centric approach. However, the hospital faced challenges in managing their communication systems, leading to decreased productivity and compromised security.

Problem Statement

  • Lack of a strong and reliable infrastructure to handle high growth rates and patient transactions efficiently.

  • Communication happens through personal phones, mobile devices, or email, causing decreased productivity and increased handling time.

  • Difficulty in tracking and managing patient queries, especially during emergencies and night hours.


  • CloudConnect provided an integrated package including Click2Call, a CPBX system, Audio Conferencing, and a Truecaller-verified Business Caller ID.

  • Cloud Telephony solutions helped overcome communication challenges in the healthcare business.

  • Integration of Click2Call with their CRM for a seamless communication process.

  • Expanded services to offer audio consultations along with video conferencing.

  • Assigned different virtual numbers for managing various campaigns.

  • Detailed CDR available for incoming and outgoing calls, improving call analytics.

  • Enabled seamless inter and intra-department communication through a single number.


  • Increased productivity and efficiency in handling patient queries and customer transactions.

  • Improved patient satisfaction with expanded teleconsultation services.

  • Enhanced communication safety and brand trust with a Truecaller-verified Business Caller ID.

  • Streamlined communication management system enabling effective tracking and reporting.

Felix Hospital successfully implemented CloudConnect's solutions, transforming its communication infrastructure and achieving higher levels of efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction.

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