See How CloudConnect Changed Personnel Management for Propelor India, Improving Efficiency and Analytics


Propelor India is a logistics and transportation firm that leverages technology and data to optimize business operations. Their team of experts works with clients to design customized solutions and provide tools to track and analyze supply-chain performance in real-time. 

Problem Statement 

Propelor India had difficulty keeping track of and managing their workforce as each employee had a different corporate number. This lack of information hindered the ability to effectively monitor and manage employee communications. Moreover, the inability to have a singular communication platform made it difficult to optimize the communication infrastructure and maximize productivity.


  • Unified communication platform consolidating corporate numbers, enabling seamless workforce communication management.

  • CPBX solution integrated with Zoho CRM for workforce management and performance insights.

  • Advanced call tracking, monitoring, and recording features for comprehensive employee reporting.

  • Cost-effective solution streamlining communication infrastructure and overcoming operational inefficiencies.

  • Customized IVR menus automating customer service and order tracking.

  • Call forwarding and routing improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

  • Real-time analytics and reporting for data-driven decision-making and sustained growth.

  • Consolidated features (DIDs, intercom, IMs, directory) for streamlined workforce management.

  • Mobile app for remote access, team collaboration, and customer/partner communication.

  • Seamless integration with existing tools for improved workflow efficiency and customer experience.

  • Prompt response time, cost and time efficiencies, and productivity gains.

  • Comprehensive employee training optimizing communication capabilities and operational efficiency.


The adoption of CloudConnect proved to be highly beneficial for Propelor India. By implementing a unified communication platform, integrating CPBX with Zoho CRM, and utilizing advanced call tracking and monitoring features, Propelor India successfully streamlined their workforce management and communication. This resulted in improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and significant cost and time savings. The real-time analytics and reporting capabilities provided valuable insights for data-driven decision-making and sustained growth.


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