Enhancing UNIVO's Operations and Customer Support through CloudConnect Automation Solutions


UNIVO was born with the idea of democratizing education from the best universities of India and the world to reach learners from all backgrounds. Powered by robust technology platforms and support services, today UNIVO is a platform the delivers online teaching at scale, effectively.

The platform offers expertise in building, managing, and operating online educational programs. UNIVO aids partner institutes with enrolments, to reach new markets, and gain momentum, with the help of end-to-end solutions and services.

UNIVO works with top global partners who offer study programs across business, technology, finance, arts, and design. Currently, the platform reaches 150+ nationalities and enabling 200+ online programs, serving over 2.35 Lac registered users.

The Challenge

  • The existing Click2Call widget had a lag in turnaround time which lowered the output
  • The high volume of calls that the call center could not balance
  • The connected call ratio fell to less than 50%, which adversely affected the performance
  • Loss of business as opportunities were being missed
  • The system did not provide a complete analysis of attempted and connected calls to monitor the performance of calling agents
  • Reporting and management of PAN India employees

The Solution

  • A cloud-based PBX & contact center platform with a PSTN-VOIP optimized Web RTC, SIP phone, and mobile app
  • Helped the business identify a Virtual Fixed Line No (FLN) for each contact center agent and sales team member
  • Call Back Distribution and skill-based call routing solution with IVR to ensure they do not miss out on any lead conversion
  • Enabled 120 counselors to manage more than 60,000 marketing leads per month
  • Set up a unified system for calling, recording, management, and analytics – a fully integrated system accessible to users in the software
  • The base platform fee allows users unlimited free internal (Intercom) calls and instant messaging & file sharing between staff across locations


Digitized Consumer Journey: Automation that eases the load on call center agents by providing a single platform that maps the complete journey from market lead generation to student acquisition. All lead forms are customized and categorized to enable the leadership team to see the quality of leads and remove duplication
Revamping the Call Center: CloudConnect gave UNIVO a customized admin dashboard that deployed a predictive/blended dialer to enhance productivity to record the source of leads to reduce duplication. By uploading the database in the Dialer, all connected calls would be directed to the account manager. Feedback will also be sent through IVR
Enhanced Customer Support: Call solutions such as Sticky Agent, Business Hours Settings, and other features aid in 24/7 support for inbound queries. SMS communication sent to callers in case a call has been missed
Streaming Processes with Automation: Integrating calling, live monitoring, and reporting analytics to a single platform saves a significant amount of time and creates a defined journey from receiving the call to reporting the status of the response


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